My kids, drink quite a lot of milk and I am not sure, I know the health implications of excessive milk drinking, I just know that milk drinking in my house hold, borders on excessive!.

 I always put away the empty plastic containers, in the recycling bin.  It occurred to me,  that I could still do another abstract art with milk containers.

 It is time consuming and I am busy, but I love a challenge and recycling art happens to be my first love.

 It felt right,  to create a simple sculpture piece on wood, with the milk  plastic containers representing the skyline, and  the townships in between.


This particular work, took quite a large number of milk containers, with an 8ft by 4ft real wood board, thanks to my kids love of milk, I was able to finish it.

 What you see is my idea of the Joburg skyline, and the townships in the centre of it all. I cherished  the time spent on this work, the whole thought process, and how it all finally came together...........ENJOY!

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