Right now, I am listening to Georgia on my mind by Ray Charles, and wondering how I will cope with all the Christmas markets, out there in Johannesburg, that I have to set up stalls in, and how I intend to cope with making all the little arts and craft bits that would be displayed in these stalls.

Maybe, I should  focus on Christmas greetings, this time around, instead of making a variety of gift items. As I listen to the song, and hear Ray Charles, sing it from the heart,

 with such passion, and sincerity, resting his focus only on Georgia nothing else, there is this calm resolve in me, to just focus on the one true Christmas passion I have, which is  the Christmas gift tags that I make.                                          

      Over the years, when I make these Christmas gift tags, I usually embellish them over the top with all sorts of embellishments, 

                                    and they sell very quickly and they are used  not only to accompany gifts, but for other things like bookmarks, name tags and table setting, etc.

This year, it is a bit different for me, I just want them to be simple, elegant, and easy on the eyes. Listening to Ray Charles,

sing about Georgia, in such a simple yet elegant and sophisticated  way, and  how the entire song comes 

 is just what I need to apply in this years Christmas tags.I have just made a few, I still have a huge pile to finish.

 I am alright with that, I know everything will be smooth sailing,

because right now I have Christmas on my mind. ENJOY...


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