Tuesday, 11 June 2013


 My passion in fine art is painting. I love to paint in all mediums and the outcome is always remarkable to me.

 I know I love to make beautiful craft, but for me painting on any surface,is what I truly enjoy exploring.

To emphasis this, is simply to look back, on the paintings by our forefathers, we call it rock painting they called it Art!.

 I enjoy every second  and savour every brush stroke as my imagination burst unto canvas, capturing my thoughts, on a particular subject,indeed it is truly gratifying.

EARTH RESTORATION SERIES mixed media by miabo enyadike

Abstract paintings with a mixed media  twist always captures my imagination,sorry guys, just saying what works for me.

EARTH RESTORATION SERIES mixed media by miabo enyadike

 My personal take on still life painting, is simple, it does no justice to the very eclectic world we find ourselves in.

 This is a world, that is indeed a mesh mash of colours, ideas, techniques and ambitious creativity, coming together to form a union. 

EARTH RESTORATION SERIES mixed media by miabo enyadike

Where ideas no longer have a monopoly and the artist is able to indulge in new techniques, and incorporate all sorts into there art work, regardless of their  backgrounds or beliefs.

 This is what brings my staunch love for abstract paintings into the fore.

This series, is all about restoration of the earth. It goes on to describe, how parts of the earth,annually suffer a recurring backlash from nature. 

These natural disasters consists of  turmoils, brought in by hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, wild forest fires that go on to unleash terrible pain and suffering on people.

EARTH RESTORATION SERIES mixed media by miabo enyadike

How the earth gets restored, by the same nature that destroyed it  is simply amazing 

and the way people slowly,  pick up the pieces contributing to this restorations, in their own little way,is nothing short of remarkable while  hoping against hope it does not occur again..... ENJOY

EARTH RESTORATION SERIES mixed media by miabo enyadike

abstract art inspired clocks,posters,pillows, decor 


Thursday, 6 June 2013


Old newspaper, laying around the house or piled up in the house is sometimes distressing, specially if it is turning into a nightmare.

Call me old fashioned, I love to feel in my hands, what I read and that experience of having a good cup of coffee, while reading my morning paper is yet to be replaced by the Internet.

I know once a week the paper recycling truck arrives to collect paper, but my natural hoarding instincts, refuses to let go!.

 In my mind,  I`m thinking, I can use this pile for something I mean something, really.... really good and I ask myself  WHAT and WHEN?.

Well that time finally came, I thought about creating a series of mixed media paintings,with newspaper,using acrylic paint, which happens to be my favourite paint medium and oil paint on board.

  I chose flowers as my subject, I may not be  a keen gardener, as I dread planting anything, I just love flowers and how they bloom and colour our lives.

 Now,when I see the paper recycling truck passing by my house, I smile and wave wondering what would have happened, if I had let go hmm......... enjoy my mixed media painting,  my impression of  the CHRYSANTHEMUM FLOWER SPECIE! ENJOY.