Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Earth day was celebrated over the weekend and I sat at home and watched all the protest around the world and read some good Op-ed on why this particular Earth day
needed to emphasis the need for science and funding for research.  

           Title:Shadows; Ink on Cardboard; Abstract Expression;Miabo Enyadike

Also how all this is pivotal to sustaining our well being as humans and for our planet which by the way is under all sorts of threat.

           Title:Shadows; Ink on Cardboard; Abstract Expression;Miabo Enyadike

As I watched and saw all the signs made and carried by the marchers  I was amazed at the sheer audacity of the number of people who came out. 

           Title:Shadows; Ink on Cardboard; Abstract Expression;Miabo Enyadike

I was struck by the diversity and the facial expressions of the protesters, that was awesome to say the least. 

           Title:Shadows; Ink on Cardboard; Abstract Expression;Miabo Enyadike

By the way facial expressions drawn in a simple or rather abstract way is one Art I just love to paint or draw. 

           Title:Shadows; Ink on Cardboard; Abstract Expression;Miabo Enyadike

So this Earth march gave me fantastic personalities and content to use.

           Title:Shadows; Ink on Cardboard; Abstract Expression;Miabo Enyadike

 A lot of the signs I noted where written on card board paper,some written on cut out cardboard boxes, others on fabrics etc.

           Title:Shadows; Ink on Cardboard; Abstract Expression;Miabo Enyadike

It simply showed that our messages can be seen or heard regardless of the material used to convey its content. 

           Title:Shadows; Ink on Cardboard; Abstract Expression;Miabo Enyadike

As an Artist I was inspired by the creativity and simplicity of these messages and decided to create some Art on all my card board boxes packed to be discarded.

           Title:Shadows; Ink on Cardboard; Abstract Expression;Miabo Enyadike

Well maybe I did something right or wrong the truth is I created some sort of Art
 Titled 'SHADOWS'........ENJOY.

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017


When I discovered these plastic ropes, sometime last year, I wanted to use them for something but just was not sure what.

I did try all sorts but the fluid nature, of the rope was a bit daunting.

Since I always try new craft stuff, I felt crocheting these ropes into some sort of decor or fashion piece was not a bad idea.

 I choose to make bags out of them but along the line, I saw more than bags.

 I could see baskets, flowers, jewelry but decided to settle for baskets instead.

I love color, so I mixed and matched bold colors that stand out at the end it all came together. ....Enjoy 


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Monday, 17 April 2017


Abstract Art on large paper boards with Ink is one of my favorite painting mediums and style as regards to color.

I use a lot of very bright colors in my Art and that is the how I create Art in a non complicated and simple way.

                      Natures colors; Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

I really don't mix colors before I work on a painting, I just apply primary colors together and see how they infuse with each other and watch out for the outcome. 

These Abstract paintings are one of such paintings I have made with a random use of primary Ink colors to create Art. 

                         Natures colors; Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

I am deeply inspired by natures colors the different hues of greens, blues, yellows, reds, orange, purple and so many colors that surround us and that is the inspiration behind these works.

I hope to achieve a kind of balance when we see color infused together in a way that is odd to us, since people are particular about matching colors and what is trending color.

                  Natures colors; Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

Nature is absolutely fantastic, its ability to mix and march all colors at once is beyond imagination and mind boggling.

 'Colors don't trend' with nature they are everlasting, out there for us to enjoy and draw inspirations from.

                       Natures colors; Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

I am inspired very day I see these colors whether it is in plants, people, animals,deep sea, sky, etc, they always fascinate me. 

That is the reason nature always forms the basis for my colorful Art.........Enjoy.

                                Natures colors; Abstract Art by miabo enyadike
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Thursday, 13 April 2017


Crocheting is back in all forms and people are taking it to new levels.

                                      Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

 The need for unique Art or handcrafted objects for decor, can not be underestimated as it is so sort after right now. 

                                 Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

Rope is increasingly used in interior decorating either as macrame or for other desirable objects.

                         Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

 I am a huge fan of handmade items and accessories. I look out for the human touch,  the craft and time invested in a piece.

                     Crochet bag by miabo enyadike

Also the fact that no two, can be the same. 

                                 Crochet floor pillows by miabo enyadike

These baskets and floor pillows where made that way, they where designed to be used as decor accessories that are statement and stand alone pieces. 

                                    Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

They are washable and versatile. They are made with 100% organic cotton rope.

                              Crochet Rope Basket by miabo enyadike

 These ones where made for my home and I love them because they are unique in the true sense.........Enjoy.

                                 Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Abstract Art Collage; by miabo enyadike

I have been away and only just returned to Johannesburg,I really could not do much blogging because my schedule was really tight on the project I was commissioned to do.

When I returned back to Joburg where I reside, one thing that struck me the most was the lonely feeling that engulfed me when I stepped into my work/art studio.

 It felt abandoned and it made me wonder what work I could have done and accomplished in this studio the six weeks I was away in Lagos it was a bit depressing.

Abstract Art Collage by miabo enyadike

My need to do something about that feeling led to painting on a few shirts,which brings me to the subject at hand, recycling of shirts. 

Abstract Art Collage by miabo enyadike

I have done quite a few of these paintings on shirts before,those shirts were kind of different because they where random shirts I picked at charity stores then.

 These ones I have turned into Abstract Art are very personal and close to home, they are my husbands favorite shirts! all five of them.

Abstract Art Collage by miabo enyadike

 These shirts were worn to there deaths by my husband but for the sake of Art intervention, they would still be worn today. 

I decided enough of these shirts already! I think is time to kind of Immortalize them forever where they can be seen but not worn! 

Abstract Art Collage by miabo enyadike

So with old carton boards as the base for the shirts, glue, brush and Acrylic paint I changed the course of history for these shirts and made them Art......? 

Abstract Art Collage by miabo enyadike

That way they remain with my husband in fond memories.....Enjoy.

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Monday, 13 February 2017


Valentine season is here, and our thoughts are on how to spend the day with people we love and care for.

              Wood and paper cuts love hangings

 We can start by thinking of ways to make that the day special for people we love and truly appreciate.

For me it is making Art and craft the way I know with the sole intention of giving out to everyone special to me.

            Paper Heart on canvas

We always want to share that day expressing our love, in several ways. The top of our list is giving out gifts.

                     Paper and fabric heart 

These days our valentine day could be spent with charities we support and

Crochet bags with hearts

projects that are dear to our heart or the most important our loved ones.

                                  Tote bag with love Applique 

 Whatever way we intend to spend valentine's day, the giving of gifts is what makes the day.

Cards and Gift Tags 

               Cards and Gift Tags 

 I share with you some of my   hand made valentine gifts, made with love.............ENJOY!.


Wednesday, 8 February 2017


As an Artist and Interior decorator,I get inspirations from the books I read and collect. These books mostly are biographies,fiction, design,Art and 'How to books'.

I am always on the lookout for books that are relevant to my craft so I am forever collecting.

 The whole collecting of books makes my space crammed but I love my books and I want to share them with friends and guest alike.

 The daunting task was how to create a space that would blend both my books and Art together without it being 'crampy'.

That I was able to achieve for my space when

Recently, I read an article in an  interior decor magazine, about shelves making a comeback.

These book shelves,I read about where really well made and looked more like Art, than shelves.
That was a delight for me. 

Gone are the days when books were arranged in sturdy built, boring looking shelves that didn't add flair to a room,they were

 rather intimidating and daunting just looking at them.

Books these days, are part of home decor accessories, 

 they are stylish to have on coffee tables, as a pile or scattered around cute shelves in a space.

They create a chic space, that says a lot about the style of the individual, inhabiting that space.

 Having said that, this has inspired me to show how,

 I have blended my books and Art in my own space. 

I love books and I am an Artist what can I  say..........  Enjoy.